H.E LTGen Khiev Chhen, Deputy General Director for Department-General of Policy and Foreign Affairs, Joined the Audience of H.E Neang Phat allowed BGen Than Vinh, Myanmar Defense Attaché, Completed His Mandate to pay a courtesy call on.


            In the afternoon, on August 2011, at 16:45, H.E LTGen Khiev Chhen joined the occasion of H.E Neang Phat, Secretary of State of National Defense allowed BGen Than Vinh, the outgoing Myanmar Defense Attaché to Cambodia to pay the courtesy call on. H.E Neang Phat said that, in the capacity of H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister would like to express thanks to BGen        Than Vinh boosted and collaborated woks better, during diplomatic mission, as the country has had almost the same tradition and ASEAN member too. H.E expresses contents to BGen Than Vinh’s diplomatic mission which successfully processed and reflected the firm relations between both army and people, Cambodia-Myanmar.


            In the occasion of discussion and fare-well, BGen Than Vinh would like to express thanks to H.E Gen Neang Phat, high ranking officers for Ministry of National Defense that allowed him to pay the courtesy call on and bid fare-well, after he completed his diplomatic mission in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

            Earlier, Myanmar government had set up the Defense Attaché Office in various countries on the worldwide, but Myanmar just had put the Defense Attaché Office to Cambodia behind the others in 2008. With strong support and coordination from Cambodian officers of National Defense, first time Myanmar just had arrived to Cambodia for a week, its Defense Attaché Office was operated successfully.


            Over past 2009, H. E Chief of Myanmar General Staff paid visit in Cambodia and met to fulfill affairs with H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister, ant H.E Gen Pol Saroeun, and high ranking officers, and other RCAFs. In the visit in Cambodia, Myanmar high ranking officers also invited Cambodian military officers for Ministry of National Defense to pay visit Myanmar, and this time, BGen Than Vinh also invites again Cambodian military officer of National Defense to pay visit in Myanmar, we would like to warmly welcome the visit.

            For two years and eight months, during fulfill mission in Cambodia, he took to work in several units of RCAF, such as Defense region 3..etc. With giving the good hospitality and warm welcomes from the person concerned of unit, he would like to express deepest thanks.

            The Ministry of National Defense of Myanmar assigned already new officers of Defense Attaché in order to replace, and the modality of documents has already arrived in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia, and when the new appointed Defense Attaché will arrive, please H.E continues to boost the good cooperation as well. Once again, BGen Than Vinh would like to express thanks to Ministry of National Defense for strengthening well cooperation, during fulfilled and completed mission in Cambodia. He will obtain a new duty that will be continued to fulfill in Indonesia.


            In the reply to BGen Than Vinhs’ words, H.E Gen Neang Phat said that, actually, in his previous diplomatic mission, having good relations because of BGen Than Vinh tried very hard to carry out and fulfilled duties through all attendances of meeting from the Ministry of National Defense, this reflected the stance to support RCAF. Thank to activities which showed increased cooperation between two Defense Ministries, armies, countries, Cambodia-Myanmar, and successfully wish his new mission in Indonesia and we will meet to keep working with each other in Indonesia.