H.E Maj.Gen Phoung Phirum, Deputy General Director of Department-General joined the Audience, H.E Neang Phat, Secretary of State of National Defense allowed Colonel Phan Van Hoang pays the Courtesy Call on, on August 10, 2011 at the National Defense Office.


            In the Morning, on August 10, 2011 at the National Defense Office,  H.E Neang Phat allowed H.E Phan Van Hoang, Deputy Chief of General Staff of Vietnam Navy paid the courtesy call on.


            In the meeting, Colonel Phan Van Hoang said that, on behalf of delegation, we met in accordance with the schedule. He added that, according to implementation of agreement between Cambodian navy and Vietnamese navy took to examine the achievement on mutual various cooperation and support. Formerly, both naval forces, Cambodia-Vietnam have collaborated to patrol the historic water surface 24 times and having good relationship in collaboration to maintain maritime security. In particular, training affairs for Cambodian navy, Vietnam side will further consider.


            H.E Gen Neang Phat, Secretary of State for Ministry of National Defense said that, on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense, H.E would like to express to Socialist Republic of Vietnam government always supports and provides Royal Cambodian Armed Forces with both spirit and material when encountered differences especially, during invasion from Thai troops along border of Cambodia and Thailand. H.E added that, the South China Sea issue between China and Vietnam, Cambodia still support Vietnam and propose to the issue by peaceful mean. Because of Vietnamese navy have been capable of produce patrol ships and Cambodia recently has established the National Maritime Security Committee, therefore H.E Gen Neang Phat would propose the Vietnamese People navy to help training in the fields of  the Law of Sea and  various specialized skills to National Maritime Security Committee and Cambodian navy.


            H.E Gen Neang Phat, on behalf of H.E Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense, asked the personal physical health of leaders of Vietnam Defense Ministry, officers and all soldiers. May please, good health, many success in all obligation, and Vietnam People navy and the visit in Cambodia, get successfully and safe security.


            Meanwhile, Mr. Colonel Phan Van Hoang said that, on behalf of the leaders of Defense Ministry and Vietnam People navy would like to wish to Cambodian leaders of National Defense as well as H.E Gen Neang Phat healthy and have many successes in all works