H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ministry of National Defense Presided Over the 58th Anniversary Meeting of the Establishment of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, 09 November 1953-09 November 2011, at the Huge Meeting Hall of the Ministry of National Defense

At the huge Meeting Hall of the National Defense, on November 7, 2011 morning, marked the 58th Anniversary Meeting of Establishment of the RCAF 09 November 1953-09 November 2011 under the Chairmanship of H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and from the participation of high officers who from various garrisons, institutions and relevant ministries.

On the auspicious occasion, H.E Gen Pol Saroeun, Commander-in-Chief of the RCAF respected and expressed profound thanks to H.E Gen Tea Banh and all high officers who participated in the solemn meeting and also read briefing history of RCAF establishment which was meaningful as the follows:

The RCAF was initially born from the French-Khmer military Convention on January 7, 1946 this Convention stated that, Cambodia must have military forces were completely Khmer citizens. H.E added that, the RCAF increased up and progress both quality and quantity in three respective phases:

First phase, from January 7, 1946 to September 10, 1953 was the dateline of the beginning phase for transferring military competences between France and Cambodia.

Second phase, September 2, 1953 to July 20 1954 was the end of hostilities on former Indochina territory of French colonialism.

Third phase, from May 1993 was constructing phase of the RCAF restoration, after Paris Peace Accord on October 23, 1991.

In particular, the RCAF reform was fearless to implement and receive a better and remarkable result, especially the quantity reform, demobilizations, the hierarchical reform for unit structure, institutions reducing and demote ranking inflation etc. Meanwhile, the reform of RCAF quality was strengthened and also enlarged training system in the form of establishing training school, institute, university to manage all categories of specialized skills, dispatch officers and soldiers to further study, training specialists, scientific technology both domestic and external countries in order to increase its capability in effectively achieving a core duty and turned the RCAF into a regular and strong-solid military with international standard.

State to all officers, non-commissioned officers, fighting men and fighting women of the RCAF who presented in the meeting, H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister respectfully extended and gratefully expressed with a pride of our nation in the force of whole national great solidarity under the most superior crusade of our elite King (Father) and under the wisest and clear-sight leadership of the whole three Samdeches, Samdech Chea Sim, Chairman of Senate, Samdech Hen Samrin, Chairman of National Assembly and Samdech Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia who are the greatest and beloved leader of Cambodian people. Meanwhile H.E Deputy Prime Minister frankly expressed grateful respects to all national brothers and sisters who sacrificed their children, grand-children, husbands and beloved relatives to serve in the army for defending motherland at all generations, and would like to send a message and ask about your personal physical health with heartfelt and beloved feelings and deeply grateful for all families of all soldiers including, dead soldiers, disabled soldiers, retired soldiers, soldiers in the incompetence to work, demobilized soldiers, wounded soldiers and soldiers were patients who staying in the hospitals and staying everywhere, please all of you soon recover from illness and healthy.

In particular, for the last recent years, in the evolution process of the major situations demonstrated that, Cambodia has swiftly crossed all changing phases and has vigorously been moving forward for the both political security aspects, socio-economy, relations of legal international channel and diplomatic affairs. Meanwhile, duties are priorities for the RCAF, construction and strengthening the core of national defense, even if a millimeter can not be lost, securely defend sovereignty and prosperous territorial integrity. Particular, countries in ASEAN region are increasing the effectiveness and its internal cooperation in order to establish the upcoming ASEAN community 2015. As for, national situations showed that under the wisdom leadership of Royal Government, successfully achieved, mainly: maintaining and strengthening political stability, security and social order throughout the country by securing a solid and favorable foundation to continue to boost the socio-economic development and straighten out people living conditions and reduce poverty. The policy for safety-Village and Commune has been carrying out effectively and actively contributing from people and all milieus, this contributed and reduced very much for various violations of the law, and secured to better works of local safety. Obviously, our heroic and brave military forces of the RCAF, securely defended violations in term of the large-scale war such as, conflicts along Preah Vihea temple area which clashed on February 4 to 7, 2011 and various areas such as, Takrobey and Taman temples, on April 22 to May 3, 2011, which violated the territorial integrity and beautiful temples’ towers of Cambodia, which was caused by ambition, Thai leaders’ milieus, politicians of former Minister Aphishit, and yellow shirt group. They were defeated both in the battleground, diplomatic policy and legal channels of the International Court of Justice, in Hague as well as the recent resolution of United Nations.

Noticed that, after the election on July 2011, Peu Thai Party of Luk Chumteav Yingluck who won the election and become as the initial female Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, and after the new Prime Minister’s visit to Cambodia, and the event of amicable football match of high leaders, Cambodia-Thai and consecutively gathering together of the Commander echelon in frontline Cambodia-Thai, military situation and security along border has eased and tranquility made better. Meanwhile relationship between two nations, Cambodia-Thailand consecutively has been flourishing as well. Particular, in the flood-hit situation for the end of this 2011, our heroic RCAF has taken action to intervene on time with using all necessary resources in order to save people who were living in various provinces as well as foreign visitors in Seam Reap province. Our readiness to actively contributed in restoring and constructing infrastructures of roads, bridges, mine-clearance and actively participated in various international trainings, field training exercises, terrains of the Kingdom of Cambodia to aim at promoting the height of humanitarian sector and maintaining peace with countries in the region and all countries which are partners in the worldwide. Additionally, contribution in peacekeeping mission under the UN framework has promoted the height of Cambodia’s image, reputation and prestige for our RCAF on international arena as well as further make our military forces receiving good experiences in saving the international humanitarian sector with receiving admiration and highly evaluating on engineering unit, mine clearance and remnants of war in Sudan, Lebanon and Chad by the various international institutions.

Take this opportunity, to congratulate the 58th Anniversary as the Establishing Day of the RCAF, on behalf of Royal Government, Ministry of National Defense and High Command Headquarters of the RCAF, H.E Gen Tea Banh, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ministry of National Defense also sent his message and main recommendations in order to review and continue implementing the most significant duty of the RCAF as the follows:

1-Continue and contribute to carry out the prioritized policy platforms of rectangular strategy-phase II of the Royal Government, especially the peace insurance, stability, security and public order aim at protecting the harmonious living conditions of people and national highest interests.

2-Continue constructing and strengthening a core of national defense of the Kingdom of Cambodia, sufficiently capable of defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity in all circumstances.

3-Continue to pay attention and contribute with the Royal Government in strengthening political stability, security and social order by collaborate with competent authorities at all levels, contribute to construct the safety-Village and Commune.

4-must continue to further pay attention and better implementations of military reform, mainly: promote the height of trainings, vocational trainings, fighting tactics and military skills and specialists of both inside and outside countries. Continue to focus on insurance affairs of supplying military equipment as well as approaches and material for fighting task, standby readiness for fighting, insurance and supplying foods, enhance to take care of soldiers health, carry out and resolve the political living forms for soldiers including, disabled soldiers, families of dead soldiers, retired soldiers, soldiers in the incompetence to work and provide cession-land of social affairs as well. Continue to contribute with the Royal Government in Administration reform, good governance, especially in fighting against corruptions.

5-must continue to strengthen the international relations with unswervingly abide by foreign policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia with various militaries near and far, in the region and world especially, with the neighboring and friendly countries which border closely be linked with Cambodia. Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense, the RCAF and the Kingdom of Cambodia will be hosted the upcoming ADMM and various relevant meetings in 2012.

6-Continue to promote the height of attention to fulfill its duty in the UN peacekeeping mission. Make efforts to train our manpower resources for fulfilling its tasks oversea, particularly under the UN framework to absorb good experiences for development as well as integrating the RCAF into the ASEAN region and world.

In the same time, must continue to strengthen the achievements and success of our de-mining unit which be accomplished in fulfillment of the previous international mission in Sudan and Lebanon countries in order to be good example for further bringing along the new great achievements of our the RCAF that brought along the prestige for motherland and demonstrated the spirit of contribution in the sake of humanitarian and full peace in the whole world.